Heart of the Ocean

Medium: Acrylic paints,colored pencils & gold leaf on gessoed board
Size: 16 inch circle on 30 x 30
Year 1998

The Heart of the Ocean is the name of the blue diamond in the necklace featured prominently in the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic.

Before the Titanic sinks, Cal puts his outer coat on Rose in a show of care for her, forgetting that the necklace was in its pocket. When the Titanic sinks, Rose is still wearing the coat. After being rescued from the water and traveling to New York City, Rose discovers the necklace in the coat.

At the end of the film, Rose walks alone to the stern of the salvage ship and opens her hands to reveal the necklace, which she has kept all of her life. She lets the necklace fall from her hand and into the water.

Signed center left "drew"

© Copyright The Franklin Mint 1998