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Star Wars TV Guide
Medium: Limited Edition Fine Art Giclee Print
Size: 37 x 17 inches
Year 1999

Star Wars Episode I / The Phantom Menace Exclusive TV Guide cover, or should be said covers. When the movie was released it was featured on the cover of TV Guide. But again, it should be said Covers, plural. There were actually four covers all released at the same time. Four different covers anticipating fans wishing to collect the cover had to buy four of the same magazine to get all four covers. Cool marketing idea?

Now you can catch up and get all four covers as they were meant to be seen and as they were painted, all one piece of art. Better than magazine covers, this is a limited edition fine art print same size as the original art. These Artist Proofs are hand numbered and signed by drew and come from his private collection.

Fine Art Giclee Print on heavy weight archival paper. Artist Proof hand signed by drew.

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© Copyright drew Struzan 1999