African Queen
Medium: Colored pencils on colored paper
Size: 19.75 x 25.5 inches
Year 2010

For many film fans, this was the Holy Grail, the hallowed motion picture project which saw seminal star Humphrey Bogart win his only Oscar. This was the movie which brought together classic cinema giants Katherine Hepburn and director John Huston, each forging what would be a middle-aged masterpiece.

As a paradigm of why certain actors and filmmakers remain revered several decades after their death or greatest success, The African Queen is more than merely exemplary. It represents Bogart at his best, Hepburn gracefully aging into the second half of her onscreen persona, and Huston proving once again that no one knew the careful balance between machismo and melancholy better than this oft ignored directing genius.

Signed bottom right corner "drew"

© Copyright drew Struzan 2010