Hopalong Cassidy
Medium: Colored pencils on colored paper
Size: 25 x 19 inches
Year 2010

One Cowboy has endured as one of the most popular and beloved American Legends ever to grace the silver screen ... HOPALONG CASSIDY. An idol to millions of children for over sixty years, William Boyd starred as HOPALONG CASSIDY, the Western hero known for all time as, "The epitome of gallantry and fair play." With non-stop action and spectacular stunts, the legend lives on as "Hoppy," as he is known to his friends, battles crime and upholds justice with his quick-draw shooting, clear thinking, fists of steel, and steadfast character.

WILLIAM (BILL) BOYD, a star of the silent movies under contract to Cecil B. DeMille, brought HOPALONG to the screen in a feature produced by Paramount Pictures. Paramount made 34 more pictures with Bill Boyd as Hoppy and United Artists produced 31 others, also with Bill Boyd. Never in Hollywood history has one man played the same character in as many features. When audiences the world over saw the films, Bill Boyd and Hopalong Cassidy became synonymous.

Time Magazine in 1950 said, "Boyd made Hoppy a veritable Galahad of the range, a soft spoken paragon who did not smoke, drink or kiss girls, who tried to capture the rustlers instead of shooting them, and who always let the villain draw first if gunplay was inevitable." Boyd himself said, "I played down the violence, tried to make Hoppy an admirable character and I insisted on grammatical English."

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© Copyright drew Struzan 2010