Count Dracula
Medium: Colored pencils and acrylic paints on gray paper
Size: 19.25 x 25 inches
Year 2012

Count Dracula is the title character and primary antagonist of Bram Stoker's 1897 Gothic horror novel Dracula. He is described as an archetypal vampire. Some aspects of the character are inspired by the 15th century Romanian general and Wallachian Prince Vlad III the Impaler. The character appears frequently in popular culture, from films to animated media to breakfast cereals.

Dracula is arguably one of the most famous characters in popular culture. He has been portrayed by more actors in more film and television adaptations than any other horror character.

“Bela Lugosi is Dracula. My father, Bela Lugosi, created his signature portrayal of the sophisticated Count on the Broadway stage, which he later brought to Universal Studios in its classic 1931 horror film “Dracula.” He thus played a pivotal role in the modern mythology and rich legend of my favorite “monster” Dracula, the popularity of which continues to endure.”

In 2003, Count Dracula, as portrayed by Lugosi in the 1931 film, was named as the 33rd greatest movie villain by the American Film Institute.

Signed bottom left corner "drew"

© Copyright drew Struzan 2012